HUMMINGBIRD: Magazine of the Short Poem is published in the spring and the fall. Submissions of original, unpublished short poems are invited. We're looking for work that expands our understanding of the short poem and poetically shorts our understanding of expansion.

We certainly encourage you to peruse our back issues—not so much to understand our aesthetic, but rather to make (or shove) your way into our conversation as you feel inclined.

We do of course admire the short poem in its many formalized incarnations. We're also drawn to experimental and contemporary forms and non-forms. As it so happens, we're especially partial to the long poem and long lines. But then, we're also partial to restrictions, and the restriction of this particular space is brevity.

We edit our white space (or lack of it) as much as we edit the text.

If your poem can do its work in a 4¼” x 5½” space, we'll consider it.

Click here for submission guidelines.